Inspired – Sasha Vidakovic

The following inspired me to design these climate change posters:

The Copenhagen climate conference. The planet. My children. All children. The Earth. The atmosphere. Air. Life. Animals. Plants. People. Living. Breathing. Dying. Prosperity. Greed. Love. Ignorance. Future. Past. Survival. Sky. Heaven. Hell. Family. Home. Community. Society. Nation. Happiness. Disaster. Pain. Pleasure. Anger. Oceans. Deserts. Glaciers. Forests. Valleys. Mountains. Continents. Islands. Cities. Villages. Seasons. You. Me. Us. Everybody. The Road by Cormac McCarthy. War. Peace. Heart. Mind. Money. Industry. Economy. Credit crunch. Governments. Politics. Reason. Madness. Anxiety. Happiness. Childhood. Adulthood. Complacency. Disbelief. Ignorance. Passion. Revolt. Design. Duty. Responsibility. Reaction. Action. Change. Danger. End. The end.

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