Figtree works on brand for electric transport company Better Place

Better Place

Figtree is developing the branding for electric transport company Better Place as it prepares for a global, customer-facing rollout.

US-based Better Place is planning to roll out networks of charging points and stations that will allow drivers of electric cars to switch the batteries in their vehicles, with no need to wait for batteries to charge.

The company is set to install networks in Israel and Denmark this year, before launching in Hawaii, Australia and California.

Figtree was appointed towards the end of last year, according to senior strategist Nicole MacLeod. She says, ’They have asked us to come up with a way to make the brand more customer-friendly. At the moment it’s very much a business-to-business brand. We’ll be looking at the company’s identity in its entirety.

’It’s challenging, as people can be apprehensive about electric cars and they are a new phenomenon for some.’

MacLeod adds, ’Better Place’s business model is not just to get a few celebrities into electric cars, but to get the masses into electric cars.

’The company has come up with the crazy and brilliant idea of swapping the car batteries. Battery-swapping means you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge and you don’t have to worry about your vehicle running out of power during your journey.’

MacLeod says the work will cover all the touchpoints, including digital and print communications.

Figtree’s work is scheduled to launch prior to the Better Place network’s roll-out in Israel and Denmark later this year.

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