University gets design guide from Nomad

Bristol University is embarking on a major redevelopment of its 12 libraries, with a design guide for the work created by Nomad.

The consultancy is also applying ideas from its design guide to work on two current projects in the arts and social sciences library and the medical library.

The design guide is aimed at telling the university how to make better use of its spaces. It will allow designers to update the interiors and create an overarching identity for the university’s library services.

Interior work on the two libraries by Nomad is currently in the initial stages, according to Nomad creative director Val Clugston, and should be finished by Christmas 2008.

Clugston describes the guide as a branding book which advises on the look and feel of the libraries. She says, ‘We created a Facebook site to easily communicate with the students about how to best facilitate them. We wanted to ensure that each library had it’s own identity.’ No design groups have been appointed to work on the other ten libraries yet.

In the medical library the graphics for the signage includes graffiti style designs using images which draw inspiration from medical text books. Clugston says, ‘In the first year we hope that the students will be able to recognise the symbols and by the time they leave they should fully understand each symbol.’ In the arts and social sciences library the images depict plans of churches.

Nomad was appointed in August last year, following a two-way creative and credentials pitch.Two graphic designers and three interior designers are working on the project led by Clugston.

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