Own-brand stores for BT Cellnet

BT Cellnet is to launch the first of its own-branded retail stores by September. These will be branded by Rodney Fitch & Company, industry sources indicate.

Both BT Cellnet and Rodney Fitch decline to comment on either the launch date or the consultancy’s appointment, which is believed to have been made in February, following a pitch involving up to eight consultancies.

The project is thought to be on a fast-track schedule and it is likely that at least one rebranded store will appear by September.

The job is to create the identity and facades for about 350 stores nationwide (DW 28 March). It was initially believed that the estate would be branded BT Cellnet, but it is now suggested that branding could involve BT Wireless.

However, BT Cellnet and the consultancy decline to comment on branding.

BT Cellnet is the UK mobile communications arm of BT Wireless. The estate is being formed from BT Cellnet’s branded stores, DX Communications and Mobile Phone Stores, which were acquired in September 1999 and April 2000 respectively.

The pitch for the job involved an unpaid creative presentation made in December.

Greig & Stephenson and Lumsden Design Partnership confirm inclusion on the pitch list. LDP managing director Callum Lumsden says Rodney Fitch was also on the list. 20/20 is believed to have been invited, but withdrew before presentation.

Others on the list are understood to have included Corsie Naysmith and Design House.

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