It worked the first time – why not use it again?

I am bemused by the similarity between Unison’s logo and the new identity unveiled at the launch of Unite. More surprising is the claim made by Adrian Day, managing director of FHD, when he says,’In creating the identity we eliminated several alternatives to arrive at a design that we feel is truly unique from the competition.’

Unison’s logo was designed and produced in-house 14 years ago – when

Cohse, Nalgo and Nupe merged.

In designing Unison’s identity,te my inntion – stated at the time – was to symbolise the uniting of the three unions through three streamers joining into one, while echoing traditional trades union banners.

So what is truly unique about the Unite identity, Mr Day? To quote a character from the BBC programme I’m Alan Partridge, ‘One is either unique or not… there are no degrees of uniqueness.’ Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – but I wouldn’t mind a cut of FHD’s fee.

Sue Taylor, Head of design, Unison, London WC1

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