Adobe reveals “on-the-go” video editing app Rush alongside software updates

The creative software company has announced its updates for 2018, which include a new “all-in-one” video app, and changes to Adobe Spark and XD.

Adobe Rush

Adobe has announced its 2018 updates to its suite of creative software tools, and has given a first peak at its new video editing app Rush.

Adobe Rush

Rush is a new “all-in-one” video editing app that allows users to adjust colour, sound and add special effects within the app, as well as tweak the video for publishing on different social platforms.

The app aims to be accessible to a wide range of creative people rather than just videographers, and allow people to shoot and edit video “on-the-go”, while also enabling them to capture “real” and “authentic” moments with their phone.

Rush can be used on mobile and desktop, and its content automatically syncs to the cloud, meaning work-in-progress can be moved between different devices.

“Rush has all the same features on mobile and desktop, allowing you to work wherever you want without losing creative flexibility,” says Adobe.

Aside from the new video app, existing programs including Lightroom CC, Adobe Spark, Adobe XD and Adobe PDF Services have been updated.

Rush will be available to download later in 2018.

Lightroom CC

LIghtroom healing brush on mobile

Lightroom CC, a cloud-based photo storage and editing program, now allows users to create “presets” on mobile, bespoke settings around lighting, colour and effects, which can then be quickly applied to photos. Presets can be made by the user or bought from a third party, and they can now also be synchronised across devices meaning photos can be edited anywhere.

Other new features include users being able to “copy and paste” editing settings from one photo to another, use the “healing brush” to remove blemishes on mobile, adjust colour and light more easily, and try out “technology previews” of new features through the app.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Fixed Elements

Graphic design app Adobe Spark is now also available for Android devices, and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, while web and app design program Adobe XD has two new features, Overlays and Fixed Elements.

Overlays allow app designers to insert objects or text that they would like to animate on-screen – for example, a pop-out box or caption. Fixed Elements allows users to specify which parts of a page they would like to remain “fixed”, such as a header or footer, allowing other content to scroll with the fixed ones staying in place.

Finally, Adobe PDF has been updated so that pdfs preserve the original typefaces, formatting and layouts used in other editing programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

For all of Adobe’s latest updates, head here.

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