Designers mobilise public to vote on climate change

The poster database is a partnership between Glug and It’s Our Time, targeted at people who have not voted before.

Creative community Glug has partnered with activist movement It’s Our Time to create a poster database in an attempt to encourage voting on climate change.

Creatives from the fields of film, design and technology are being encouraged to contribute content to the database, which is targeted at those aged 18-30 who have not voted before.

Design by Giada Tamborrin

Once the designs have been uploaded, they can then be shared on social media. In an effort to reach as many young people as possible, Glug is seeking the help of influencers in sharing the images, using hashtags such as #protestbydesign and #voteleaves.

While the organisations are “not pushing any party agenda”, the campaign encourages people to “vote for the party that most represents their interests”, according to Glug.

Some of the posters will be on display at Glug events around the country at university campuses and co-working offices, Spaces. All designs will be added to the Tate Modern’s permanent archive.

Design by Stuart Witts

The UK general election takes place 12 December and the political campaigns are in full swing, with Brexit dominating most of the conversation.

Pete Bowker, Glug’s CEO, says: “We’re looking to turn the tide of apathy and create the most persuasive and compelling content to help people understand the importance of voting on the climate issue.

“Climate change is a big-ticket item in the upcoming election. This is not about party politics, it’s about mobilising people to vote in accordance with an important issue.”

Design by Stephen Heffernan
Design by Pernelle Marchand

Top poster design by Natalie Yung

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