A year in the life of Richard ‘lucky’ Murray

With 1997 nearly over, Williams Murray Banks director Richard Murray is no doubt hoping that a New Year will bring him better luck while on his travels…

In South America for a recent assignment the party-loving designer managed to squeeze three days of work into 48 hours so he could dash back to Blighty for a knees-up. A delay at the airport boarding gate seemed like an ideal chance to catch up on missed sleep. If only somebody had thought to wake him, that is.

To calm down the irate Murray, officials promptly transferred him to the next flight, which was already waiting on the runway. It wasn’t until the flight had taken off that the steward gave details of the menu ‘… on tonight’s flight to Los Angeles’.

Earlier in the year, Murray managed the difficult trick of losing his wallet within the confines of an aircraft. An extensive search by the cabin crew failed to locate it although, by coincidence, another lost wallet did turn up. Were the crew sure it wasn’t his, he queried. Absolutely, they replied. A credit card inside bore the name Peter Jones, in large, clear letters.

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