C&H Creative stalls drunk driving

Lambeth Transport is launching its Christmas campaign to deter drinking and driving this week, with a campaign devised by C&H Creative.

The creative work will appear on bus shelters in the London borough of Lambeth, as well as in a number of publications and on beer mats distributed through local public houses.

According to C&H Creative’s creative director Mike Cunningham, ‘A lot of good creative work has been done to get the message across, by a number of consultancies in past years.

‘But people become densensitised. The challenge we faced was how to devise a delivery method that’s a fresh enough take on the subject to make sure people take notice,’ he adds.

‘Nobody really expects anything to happen when they get in their car after a few drinks at Christmas, so we worked on the surprise angle of a Christmas cracker containing smashed-up, burnt-out cars, coffins or handcuffs, as opposed to plastic toys and corny jokes,’ he adds.

A strap line ‘Limit Christmas to nice surprises’ was applied to the poster treatments, and some cleverly folded cracker flyers containing ‘bang’ and ‘snap’ messages were also designed for the campaign. Print ads extended the ‘inverted Christmas message’ with unwrapped gifts revealing damaged or eerie children’s toys.

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