Design House goes to the zoo

DESIGN HOUSE is to provide a complete rebranding for the Jersey Zoo, which is to be renamed as the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The renaming will take place on 26 March.

The first stage of the redesign, to provide a logo, was undertaken by Burnett Associates. Design House managing director Lavinia Culverhouse said Design House would work with the logo and develop it. Design House will act as “brand custodian” for the zoo, in a long-term relationship which Culverhouse hopes will last at least two years.

The rebranding will cover signs, interior design, literature and larger brand identity. Culverhouse comments: “It’s a great opportunity because it allows us to do both 2D and 3D design.” Although unwilling to divulge details about the theme for the new brand, she says it will bring the zoo’s authentic environment to the fore, with the use of natural textures and materials.

“It’s an interesting project to work on because we don’t generally approve of zoos,” she says, “but this is a different approach. There’s a lot of conservation going on there, but you have to really dig around in the literature to find that out at the moment, so we’re going to really push the conservation aspect. “

Paula Harris, development director for the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, comments: “The charitable business has become far more competitive and we are incredibly lucky to be working with Design House.”

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