Boots steps into foot care arena

Boots The Chemists is continuing its drive into the health services sector with the launch of a chiropody centre.

The facility has been created by Emrys Roberts Associates in conjunction with freelance graphic designer Yumi Matote and the client’s in-house team. Images are by freelance photographer Jonathan Harvey.

The first three centres went live in Boots stores in Crawley, Manchester and Burton-on-Trent on Monday. A fourth opened in the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent on Tuesday, with another due to open in Chester on 17 May.

The client is launching 21 foot-related product lines, created by Boots’ in-house team, with input from reprographics group Mullis Morgan, to complement the initiative. These are based on the range created five years ago by the then Newell and Sorrell.

“The chiropody centres are part of our focus on healthcare services,” says Boots healthcare business unit development manager Ian Cornelius. “Nine out of ten people suffer from foot problems before they are 30, so it seemed a natural thing to go into.

“We wanted to achieve a contemporary feel that was not too much like a doctor’s surgery, but that was clean and simple. We deliberately do not have filing cabinets – everything is stored in the software system.”

The 40m2 centres comprise two treatment rooms, preparation area, waiting area and reception .

Cornelius says the centres will pilot for around six months and then be evolved and rolled out accordingly.

He will not reveal how many centres are planned. Rival Superdrug is trialing a similar venture.

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