Whole in one for Northcross

Exclusive Scottish hotel Gleneagles is entering the club scene, following the decision to open its legendary golf course to the public. On 1 April regular participants in its ‘visitor golf’ will enjoy membership of The Silver Tassie Club, and executive-style bar open only to regular players.

Named after a ‘stunning’ silver golf trophy, historically linked with the hotel, the club has been created by Edinburgh consultancy Northcross, which has also handled the identity, stationery and membership card design.

Northcross has long worked for both Gleneagles and its subsidiary Gleneagles Golf Developments, which manages golf courses around the world. This commission came from the latter, though the club replaces an existing bar in the hotel.

According to Northcross graphic design director Kay Smith, the project is about ‘the graphics and the 3D element working together’, with the trophy at the centre.

She and graphic designer Pete Fox introduced a contemporary feel to the trophy through photography by Chris Lomas for the brochure and gold, platinum and green membership cards. Typography – Gill Sans – follows the hotel’s design guidelines.

The actual trophy sits in a glass case at the entrance to the bar. Northcross designer Ewan McCarthy, who worked on the 55 000 refit with consultancy managing director Graham Russell, explains that a clean ceiling line has been created behind the bar and new lights fitted. Illuminated etched glass panels pick up elements of the Silver Tassie.

Existing panelling, the granite bar and carpet have been retained, but the walls and some panels are painted burgundy to give a rich feel. Furniture in deep reds, blues and purples has been supplied by European Design Centre.

Northcross Group construction company Isys is doing the work.

Design: Northcross

Client: Gleneagles Golf Developments

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