Corporate Edge brands Shetlands

The Shetland Islands is launching a redesigned brand identity created by Corporate Edge.

The initiative comes more than a year after the group was first appointed by the Shetland Islands Council to rebrand the remote region as a high-profile provider of quality goods and services.

The marque will be used to drive forward economic targets, trade and tourism for the region. It is currently being presented to Shetland stakeholders and discussions on how best to apply the marque are underway. Potentially, the identity could run across all tourism literature and exports from Shetland, says Creenagh Lodge, Corporate Edge chairman.

‘The brand will be seen as an over-arching identity for Shetland at large and will be used for top level strategic promotion work,’ explains Neil Henderson, principal officer of marketing at Shetland Islands Council.

The logo draws inspiration from local heritage and culture. It references a prow of a Viking ship, part of a fiddle head and a curve of a wave and a ram’s horn. It was created following extensive research carried out across the islands.

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