Kleenex decorates rooms with BrownKSDP look

Kimberly-Clark is relaunching its flagship tissues brand Kleenex across Europe with livery by BrownKSDP, this week.

The six-figure job includes redesigning the packaging for the core Kleenex brand as well as the Kleenex Ultrasoft brand. The black-and-red Kleenex for Men brand, which is only available in the UK, remains unchanged.

Some 12 countries across Europe will adopt the redesigned packaging, and the roll-out continues into November.

Four decorative icons have been introduced to the packs: a leaf, a stone and marble motif, flowers and sea shells.

Each box will incorporate two designs at a time to allow each box to be turned around to suit its environment, such as different rooms in a house.

‘Research shows that UK consumers tend not to display tissue boxes in their homes, unlike in the US. Our brief, therefore, was to make the boxes more attractive so they become ubiquitous parts of every room,’ says BrownKSDP account director Kelly Bolt.

The icons will be applied individually to pocket tissue packs in ‘pick and mix’ multi-packs to ‘add personality’ and ‘suit the mood of the consumer’ on a particular day, Bolt adds.

The Ultrasoft Kleenex box will feature abstract blue-and-white imagery. ‘We were keen to avoid traditional associations with softness, such as feathers,’ says Bolt.

The consultancy won the work on the strength of its Europe-wide identity and packaging work for Kimberly-Clark’s Andrex toilet tissue (DW 26 January).

Kimberly-Clark category manager Sabine Fleischut says the icons express a lifestyle use for Kleenex and promote greater consumer choice.

‘The new designs give them the choice of Kleenex that’s more appropriate to the moment, occasion or the way we live,’ Fleischut adds.

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