Join the mile high club on the ground

‘Unrivalled in-flight entertainment… Win a fortune… lose it all… who cares.’ These are the inviting words on the website.

The site, which has been designed by Digit, is yet to be fully operational, and is very evasive. ‘Bespoke air travel for the discerning gentleman’ the user is promised. Though whether the planes actually take off seems unlikely. One image for the site, yet to be shown, is a line of plane tailfins à la BA depicting Playboy-style models. Curiouser and curiouser.

Daljit Singh at Digit claims ignorance when asked what Geezerjet’s line of business really is. The brief has so far been vague, apparently.

Perhaps the give-away to Geezerjet’s true business activities is the invitation to ‘just come onboard’. Let’s hope the fully launched company doesn’t turn out to be an anti-climax.

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