Dew Gibbons to study Pretty Polly

Sara Lee Courtaulds has appointed Dew Gibbons to review the identity and packaging of the group’s Pretty Polly brand, as the company moves to differentiate its two key underwear ranges.

The consultancy revamped the identity of the company’s more sophisticated Aristoc range last year. It was appointed on the strength of this work to present a younger and more playful image for Pretty Polly, according to Sara Lee Courtaulds legwear brands managing director Sue Clague.

The consultancy has been tasked with producing a detailed positioning strategy and will review the Pretty Polly monogram and logo, which Dew Gibbons creative director Shaun Dew describes as having good recognition values but being badly drawn.

‘The logo has been bastardised over the years, so we’ll be looking to redraw it,’ she says, adding that the most important element of the packaging overhaul would be the attitude to photography, which may draw on elements of the recent, daring ad campaign.

‘Pretty Polly needs to be a confident, sexy brand, without being sleazy or tarty,’ adds Dew.

The final identities are likely to focus more on the Pretty Polly hosiery range, since lingerie traditionally features less packaging. But, according to Dew, the designs are likely to feature a common identity, in an effort to create a cross-category perspective.

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