19 December 2002

…but staff members have to do it by the book

In response to Barry Hunter’s letter (DW 5 December), he may have missed Tony Gamble’s point. We all agree with Hunter that not everyone can write well, but whether it’s good writing or bad, most of a company’s writing is still done by its staff members –

Good copywriters rely on using their brainpower?

The recent debate about copywriting has, ironically, missed the point. Writing can be attempted by anyone, just as design can be and art often is – look at the Turner Prize. The point is, the best copywriters don’t just write, they think too. Increasingly we’re being asked to work alongside designers and clients to help […]

Hookson design Saultons’ ID

Property management start-up Saltouns has launched with an identity designed by Edinburgh-based group Hookson. The identity will be applied to stationery, corporate literature, livery and a website.

Grey clouds over 2002, but there were silver linings

Of all the events covered by our Review of the Year, what will the year 2002 be remembered for in design? We’ve seen financial institutions discredited with a disastrous effect on the branding and identity giants and redundancies across the board. Meanwhile, WPP Group boss Sir Martin Sorrell issued gloomy predictions of no real recovery […]

Acid’s burning desire to see retailers signing its code of conduct

Copyright action group Anti Copying in Design is piling the pressure on retailers to sign up to its voluntary code of conduct, after Selfridges signed up last week. Acid chief executive Dids Macdonald is contacting previously reluctant retailers in an attempt to encourage them to adhere to its code of conduct. She is hoping Vittorio […]

Browns to design Channel 4 annual report

Browns has won a four-way pitch to design and produce the Channel 4 annual report and accounts. The consultancy saw off competition from incumbent design group Sheppard Day, as well as North and Frost Design.

Graffitists carry (spray-) can for urban deprivation

I have just read the letter on graffiti (DW 5 December). The point is, for a teenager that lives in a high-rise, what is more accessible to him, a can of spray paint and a brick wall, or a canvas, paint brush, easel, turps and studio space? Maybe if they had these facilities there would […]

Disguised as assembly…

Disguised as assembly-line elves, our crack team of undercover reporters has obtained prototype plans for Cosworth Technology’s high-spec sleigh engine. A source at Milton Keynes-based Pauley Design says Santa could fall back on such propulsion in the event of a reindeer strike. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was fast asleep when we asked for a […]

Morey Smith gets set with its Sport for England plans

Sport England, the country’s leading sports development agency, has approved initial design concepts by Morey Smith for a 2550m2 headquarters in London’s Bloomsbury Square, which it will occupy next year when it restructures its operations. The organisation, whose Lottery-funded budget is around £170m with a further £35m from central government, is adopting a regional structure […]

Interesting results on the menu for proposed show

Can I share an idea with your readers? It’s a show based on the same principles as Ready, Steady Cook; two contestants work with two designers to see who can come up with the best answer to a design brief given by Richard Seymour (in place of Ainsley Harriet). The contestants bring a bag of […]


As 2002 draws to an end, we reflect on yet another lively year for the creative industry and remind you of some of the more significant events that featured in Design Week’s news pages

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