9 January 2003

Making It

Michael Marriott, El Ultimo Grito and Robin Platt are among the designers showcased in Making It, the inaugural exhibition at Furniture Works, a resource centre for students and design businesses in and around London Metropolitan University. All exhibitors are former graduates of the college, which now comprises London Guildhall University. Remedy ceramic bathroom system (pictured) […]

The truth behind being a creative market raider

Regarding your Reports confirm market raiding trend by groups news story (DW 28 November 2002), Anderson Norton Design has indeed grown and increased market share over the past year. The inference, however, that lean pricing is offered at the expense of creativity is misguided. It is the hand-in-glove relationship between our business and creative heads […]

Igor Emmerich

Roundel has designed a mailer for Spanish-born, London-based photographer Igor Emmerich as well as a book promoting Zanders Fine Papers’ Ikono brand, which features Emmerich’s work. The creative theme for both items is ‘In Line, Off Line’, derived from printing industry terminology. In Line describes the printing process and Off Line encompasses finishing techniques like […]

Vallance makes a Vibrandt move

Former Dragon creative director Greg Vallance has joined Vibrandt as creative director as it focuses on creativity and new business. Vallance, who started this week, will sit on the board and oversee Vibrandt’s creative studio. He is a ‘heavyweight’ appointment and will fill a hole in the creative side of the business, which has been […]

Creative calls to avert a total network meltdown

These days we all live in fear of the ‘network failure’. The Guardian last week quoted ‘design theorist’ Fabio Sergio (sounds more like a shampoo brand), who thinks ‘interaction anxiety’ is going to be a big problem in tomorrow’s world. Coincidentally, Design Agenda founder Nico Macdonald told us ‘networked-enabled’ interaction design should make big strides, […]


Which design groups, designers, clients and industry trends are the ones to watch in 2003?

Slow predictions filter through over a mug of coffee

Here we all are in another year. We hope the balls-up with Big Ben’s bongs didn’t affect your festivities. So, what happens next? Well, see page 6 for our in-depth report on designers’ predictions for 2003. But if New Year has got you fretting about the sands of time take a leaf from Big Active […]

Williams Murray Hamm

‘Williams Murray Hamm will continue to break rules and take column inches,’ says Design Bridge managing director Jill Marshall.

Treasured troves

Many creatives use a scrapbook for inspiration, but few make their contents public. Oliver Bennett looks at the increasing trend toward this style of presentation

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