Graffitists carry (spray-) can for urban deprivation

I have just read the letter on graffiti (DW 5 December). The point is, for a teenager that lives in a high-rise, what is more accessible to him, a can of spray paint and a brick wall, or a canvas, paint brush, easel, turps and studio space? Maybe if they had these facilities there would be less graffiti, which would in turn lead to less people being offended by it.

The things in our community that we as messengers (PR, design and advertising) should be focusing on are those that physically offend people, those that cause real pain, heartache and mental tension.

These messages on our walls are our future generations of speakers, voters, mothers, fathers and are messengers contributing to our society in a yin and yang kind of way. We should look at what they are saying and act on it, not against it, since that would force them deeper underground.

Stephen Carpenter


The Basement

London EC1R

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