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As we celebrate London Fashion Week, with all the media coverage it attracts, what can other design disciplines learn from the event to raise their profile?

‘Copy it. London Fashion Week celebrates and promotes to a world stage the “Best of British” in fashion – why can’t this basic idea be applied to our industry? Last year’s London Design Festival was a start, although maybe it will take a while before this event is recognised with equal media coverage.’

Bryan Edmonson, Director, Sea Design

‘Fashion anticipates the future. A lot of time and creativity goes into this and other design disciplines should take note of how vital this forecasting is. Businesses can survive or fail on how proactive they are rather than being reactive. There will be no profile if there is no business.’

Jasper Jacobs, Director, JJT

‘It may raise profile, but many of the designers showing exist on a knife edge and are in the shop window for an international house to pick them up… few do and few build sustainable businesses. The level of publicity you can generate should only be an aspiration if you can back it up with a sound business.’

Wayne Hemingway, Founder, Hemingway Design

‘I am not sure anyone would see the point of London Graphics Week. Would you be interested in seeing Michael Johnson twirling down a catwalk with his latest logo? What graphic designers do is specific to one client, it solves uninteresting problems, it doesn’t have the broad appeal of fashion.’

Quentin Newark, Creative director, Atelierworks

‘London, Paris, New York and Milan… not a fashion mafia, but an industry whose job it is to “tell and sell”. Any industry like ours (more concerned about secrecy, competition and bad press) should wake up and smell the latté dharling. Shout loud and proud, “Jonny Ive is GOD”.’

Simon Waterfall, Creative director, Poke

‘Why not a take on Pop Idol – Design Idol hosted by the one and only Kai Krause? Even better, a take on American gladiator: two designers, two Apple Macs and a sneaker-clad crowd with cropped dark hair frantically cheering on Peter Saville trying to bash Rodney Fitch, by spamming him with attached waste paintings?’

Erik Torstensson, Creative director, Saturday

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