It always amazes and inspires me when I see something and think, ‘How the **** did they do that?’ How did someone come up with the idea and how did they come up with the way it could be achieved? Both are very important questions.

Andy Goldsworthy is an environmental artist who piles up stones and builds dens out of sticks. A man

who spends his time freeze-welding icicles together to form fantastical temporary structures.

These structures are nearly always site-specific and rely solely on natural materials found at the site. There is little evidence of the disruption that his work has undoubtedly caused to the surrounding environment. He leaves it almost exactly as he found it, save for his extraordinary constructions.

Timeless, appropriate, witty and impossible. A lightness of touch that belies the amount of thought and effort that has gone into their conception and realisation. Almost as if little environmental art pixies had been beavering away during the night. I wish I’d done that.

Alan Herron

True North

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