Science Museum seeks roster

The Science Museum is establishing a roster of six graphic design consultancies to improve the implementation of its corporate identity.

“We are trying to get more formal with the selection procedure for graphics,” says Tim Molloy, head of design at the museum.

Graphic design manager, Lynn Modaberi, was appointed three months ago and has been contacting designers about the roster.

Six graphics groups are being sought. Two large players will be retained for major projects. The roster does not relate to any specific projects at this point. “It’s just to get an idea of who’s out there,” says Molloy.

He says that the formation of a roster does not mean that the museum will stop working with designers it currently employs.

A five-strong shortlist of designers to receive the second draft brief for the extension to its Wellcome Wing has been drawn up.

Tomorrow will see the shortlisted consultancies receive the second stage brief. An announcement of the successful applicant is expected in late July.

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