SomeOne cooks up Banger Bros identity

London deli specialist Banger Brothers will this week unveil a radical brand overhaul led by consultancy SomeOne, ahead of major expansion.

Banger Brothers, self-billed as ‘purveyors of exceptional sausages from around the world – to go’, is poised to open outlets in Selfridges’ food hall and Euston station in London, as well as attending a host of festivals this summer.

The London-based consultancy was appointed in April, without a pitch, to redesign the identity, packaging and website. The brief, according to SomeOne co-founding partner Simon Manchipp, was ‘fairly open’, to reflect the heritage and quality of the product while injecting personality and opinion into the brand.

SomeOne co-founding partner David Law adds, ‘We decided we would celebrate, or “respect”, the animals that went into the sausages – hence the crest. We believe that this will be a valuable point of difference. We then decided to completely undermine this strategy by including as much puerile wit and friendly xenophobia as possible on the packaging.’

The crest, illustrated by SomeOne designer Lee Davis, features a pig, a chicken, a cow, a sheep and a token carrot for vegetarians

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