Value your Work applies to more than product design…

I attended the Value your Work event at The Design Council last week. It was interesting to see all the eager faces of people hoping to hear some juicy pearl of wisdom that they could claim as their own and ride to fame and fortune. Unsurprisingly, this pearl of wisdom never materialised.

However, it was interesting to hear how designers in other sectors work. The point for me was that product designers can take a stake in a product they have been developing on a client’s behalf and it is seen as a good thing (clients have to find less money up-front – if the product is a success, then everybody wins). This model does not exist in graphic design, clients see designers as part of their plans.

Nucleus’s intellectual property offer (Design Business, DW 12 May) sounds like an intelligent, complementary addition to its offer, an example of a graphics group taking the higher ground on a project, and responsibly selling a client a complete solution.

Tim Webb-Jenkins, Director

Linnett Webb Jenkins, London N5

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