Sauce design rebrands Carr-Gomm

London design consultancy Sauce Design has been appointed to rebrand the national charity for socially excluded and homeless people Carr-Gomm. The identity is scheduled to be unveiled on 28 June.

Clean break for men’s grooming

Nicky Kinnaird As Watson reminds us, ‘Men weren’t taken to one side by their fathers and told how to exfoliate. So that’s what we try to do with the design

Nintendo plugs in NY concept store

Nintendo has made its first move into retail with the launch of a concept store in New York’s Rockefeller Center last weekend. Designed in-house, the two-floor store offers 920m2 of

News in Pictures

4 Pemberton & Whitefoord has overhauled the brand identity and packaging for Bambarria, a three-strong range of Mexican tequilas imported into the UK by Wine & Spirit International. 5 Microsoft

Finnish line

Scott Billings visits Finland during its Design Year to see if design still has a specifically Finnish flavour

Diageo targets female drinkers

Drinks giant Diageo is targeting young female drinkers with its latest ready-to-drink product, Archers Vea, with packaging created by Bloom. The group has previously worked on the Archers brand and

Dinnis Design winds up TicToc brand

Sainsbury’s this week opens its first in-store nursery, run by TicToc Childcare, with a brand identity designed by Middlesex consultancy Dinnis Design. The drop-in nurseries will be rolled out to


Having somewhere to sit, relax, and be inspired in my own home is enormously important to me. Finnish designer Eero Aarnio designed the bubble chair in 1968, and was a

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