Beechams Powders livens up packaging

Two of the Beechams Powders family of products from pharmaceutical company SmithKline Beecham hit the shelves this week with new packaging.

The designer is London’s Dohm Puzey, which is one of six consultancies on SmithKline Beecham’s roster. Dohm Puzey has previously created new packaging for products such as Beechams Flu-Plus dissolving powders (DW 5 January).

Beechams Lemon Tablets “needed livening up”, according to group partner Louise Dohm. “We wanted them to look like a convenience product, and communicate that they taste nice.”

The new-look Flu-Plus Caplets have an embossed red line to “make the product stand out”, says Dohm. Both packs are predominantly blue, in line with the brand’s heritage.

Beechams Powders is the only product in the existing range which has not recently been redesigned, according to Dohm, who is unaware of any plans SKB may have to change it.

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