Meet the graduates: Cardiff School of Art and Design’s Jamilah Rahman

As part of our coverage of 2021’s graduate season, we’re spending five minutes with a selection of graduates from around the country to talk about their work, practice and plans.

Jamilah Rahman is a 21-year-old graphic communication graduate from Cardiff School of Art and Design. This project is called Gallivant. 


Design Week: Can you explain what your final project was about?

Jamilah Rahman: For the final project of my final year, I wanted to further explore branding identity; an area of graphic design that I am particularly interested in.

The aim of this project was to encourage cycling in my city, by designing a friendly, vibrant, and encouraging visual system for a cycle hire scheme. I focused on creating an identity that encapsulates the spirited nature of Cardiff, with the help of a colour palette that was made to reflect the locations in the city that make it great for cycling; the greens reflecting the abundant parks and green spaces, and the blues to resemble the ample rivers and the bay area, that provide the perfect scenic routes for cyclists. The bold pink and orange were used to add a vibrancy to the visual identity.

To capture the essence of the brand very simply, I chose the name ‘Gallivant’; a word meaning “to go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment”, which I felt was the most appropriate fit for this cycle hire scheme. I created imagery that mimics the winding bicycle routes and the idea of gallivanting from one place to another, using these simple but playful arrow graphics across the various designed outcomes.


DW: More generally, what would you say your biggest inspirations are in your design practice?

JR: To pinpoint exactly where my biggest inspirations come from would be difficult because it can come randomly and from anywhere. Nature is always a trigger for ideas and inspiration but it can also come from inside the house like watching or listening to something, even just talking to people can be an inspiration trigger for me.

Graphic design inspiration can get repetitive if you’re searching for it online so I like to keep an eye out for graphics that I see on streets, like murals, signage and posters, photographing them if I can, as there is always something new and different to see.


DW: What would be the ideal job for you, and why?

JR: My ideal job would be a place where I can be involved in designing brand identities. Having a great visual system is truly the icing on the cake for any business, brand, or company, and helps them flourish in all sorts of ways.

Visually communicating a business’ purpose, ideals and message into a brand identity is something amazing and exciting, and it is something that I would like to be a part of in a future role.


You can view Jamilah’s work, as well as her graphic communication peers’ as part of the What’s the Point showcase

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