Wallpaper fit for its purpose? No comment

While many of us are aghast at the cost of the refurbishment of the Lord Chancellor’s residence, few of us have bothered to put pen to paper.

However our efforts would have been scant rewarded, judging by the missive one Design Week employee’s mother got in response to her letter of concern.

On asking for a justification for the 400-a-roll wallpaper, the riposte went into a long explanation of the poor quality of the refurbishments ten years ago. ‘Sadly,’ they were ‘not based on historic research and therefore lacked authenticity’, the letter reads.

Fascinating stuff, but does it answer the question? Apparently not, as the letter concedes: ‘I fully appreciate that the above information may be of little consolation, but hope it is of some interest and regret I am unable to comment further.’ Still, nice to have the no comment in writing.

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