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The Brown Sisters is a stunning album from Nicolas Nixon, who photographed the women in his life (his wife and her three sisters) every year for 30 years. It is a beautiful and dignified series that captures the gradual changes that come with time truly inspiring photography.
Luke Wroblewski is a digital product design leader who is pretty clued up about Web design after writing two books on the subject. This article, posted on his site, discusses how new mobile devices are forcing us to rethink digital. Wroblewski looks at the constraints of this format and how content can be enhanced.
’What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ we’ve all heard the catchy city slogan. For Americans city branding is all the rage, writes Richard Florida, senior editor of The Atlantic. His piece discusses the US’s most ridiculous city slogans some of which are a little precarious, like the town Hooker ’It’s a location, not a vocation’.
Behance is an online gallery where designers and artists can upload their work. Graphic design graduate Sami France posted a design journal summing up the time on her three-year course. Four handmade books printed on a variety of stocks record aspects of her course and her achievements at university.

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