Cork flagship store for Eircell

Irish mobile phone network Eircell has appointed Corsie Naysmith to design its first retail outlet. A 14m2 flagship store will be opened in Cork in mid-July.

The consultancy has been given the task of developing designs for retailing both mobile products and telephone services.

The two-floor site, with a prominent glass facade, will house products on the ground floor. Its Internet and customer services will be upstairs.

“The brief for the design team is to create a three-dimensional environment which represents the Eircell brand and reflects Eircell’s position as the leader in mobile communications in Ireland,” says a spokeswoman for the consultancy.

“One of the issues the design team is faced with is encouraging higher usage of the services which are available on the Eircell mobile network,” she adds.

The store environment will be based around communicating Eircell’s core brand values: coverage, care and choice. These run across all its marketing communications.

Corsie Naysmith will attempt to adhere to a style of clarity and simplicity. Eircell’s retail interiors will aim to simplify the buying process and clarify the means of using its network, services and products.

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