20 April 2000

Death of a salesman

Good design isn’t only about conception of ideas, as it must also address the actualities of directing those ideas to the marketplace.

Identity ‘saving’ for Home Office

The Home Office is expecting to make cost savings of at least £160,000 per year with the introduction of a revised corporate identity, created by The Team, along with centralised

Cork flagship store for Eircell

Irish mobile phone network Eircell has appointed Corsie Naysmith to design its first retail outlet. A 14m2 flagship store will be opened in Cork in mid-July. The consultancy has been

Award for Enterprise for HP:ICM

HP:ICM, the lead designer of the Millennium Dome’s Body Zone, has been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise after a series of successful projects around Europe. The award, which is

Existing designs for Arcadia plan

Fashion retailing group Arcadia has ruled out any store redesigns after announcing plans to close all its Principles for Men and Top Man shops as part of its BrandMAX programme.


The Berlin branch of the Vitra Museum is scheduled to open on 1 July, in a building designed by Hans Heinrich Müller. The first exhibition will be a retrospective of

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