INS puts teamwork into the trademark for Antalis

Interbrand Newell and Sorrell has completed the rebranding of paper manufacturer Arjo Wiggins Appleton’s merchanting division, which has been renamed Antalis.

French design consultancy Nomen created the new name, while INS designers Sue Pinches and Mark Smith developed the corporate identity and brand strategy guidelines.

The revamp is part of an overhaul of the company, which has evolved from being a group of paper merchants to an international paper merchanting group.

The Anglo-French organisation distributes paper worldwide and generated a £65m operating profit in 1998, on a turnover of £1.5bn.

Antalis chief executive Thomas Bittner says the introduction of the new name and identity signals a change in the group’s business approach to the marketplace.

“We will be rediscovering our true role as merchants, to the benefit of our customers, suppliers and shareholders,” he explains. “We will also be anticipating change in the market environment and helping all elements of the supply chain to adapt to it.”

INS creative director Simon Wright says the consultancy will work with Antalis on an ongoing basis over the next two years, implementing all the changes.

“We created the brand strategy and the idea that teamwork is Antalis’ trademark, because of the many regional organisations around the world that are all working together.

“We have also turned the TM of trademark into the word team,” adds Wright.

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