20 January 2000

All bar none

The next time Damian Schogger has a night out in London, he’ll have a pretty good idea which bars to visit and which to avoid, thanks to a new guide.

ShopSmart appoints Clinic

Clinic has been appointed by ShopSmart, the independent on-line shopping portal, to strengthen the brand and maintain its current position in the market in the face of increased competition. The London design group was initially appointed by ShopSmart in October to develop a new corporate identity. It has since been retained by the Internet company, […]

Hollow promise

Controversy has plagued the Dome since building started. Design Week decided to take a look, and also asked some prominent British designers their opinions.

The final frontier for digital Westworld

Sorry boys, it’s last call for the digital age. Everyone speaks fluent English (or is that American) now and you can’t stay ahead of the game by sitting at home fiddling with your isdn connection. While the digital aesthetic was fun for a while, the wild frontier has been staked out by straight and boring […]


Cambridge design consultancy Ware Anthony Rust has completed its first work for transport group Solstor. The corporate brochure is printed in different tones of blue to reflect Solstor’s core business – temperature controlled haulage across Europe.


The Design Directory Scandinavia; Design Directory Italy

Bath consultancy Mytton helps to revamp Clark’s shoecare packaging

Bath consultancy Mytton Williams has helped to redesign packaging for Clark’s shoecare range, in conjunction with Clark’s in-house design team. The designs have been applied to a range of 20 products using restyled metallic packs to reflect the colour scheme used in the chain’s retail interiors. Black and white photography aims to inject a sense […]


Who do you think should succeed John Sorrell as Design Council chairman (name or type of persona) and what should be their remit? “The role is clear. First, to ensure the growth and development of a healthy integrated design industry. Second, to promote it here and abroad. My man is someone who is totally and […]

No escape from reality

Even self-confessed technophobe Richard Murray can see advantages in a virtual world, though he maintains it’s no substitute for things that are real.


The De Vere Daresbury Park hotel in Warrington is undergoing a redesign headed by the Ramsley Group and scheduled for completion in May. The hotel has just unveiled its £4m metal millennium clock, designed by John Smith & Sons of Derby.

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