The final frontier for digital Westworld

Sorry boys, it’s last call for the digital age. Everyone speaks fluent English (or is that American) now and you can’t stay ahead of the game by sitting at home fiddling with your isdn connection.

While the digital aesthetic was fun for a while, the wild frontier has been staked out by straight and boring fences. The technical texture tribes have been rounded up and sent to their reservations; big chief random construction lines sits proud over running blur and his pixellated braves. There won’t be any new smoke signals on the horizon until the Photoshop 6.0 upgrade cavalry arrives.

As the new dawn fades, I am as sad as the next man to see the old school design and advertising media roll into town.

So sign up with a recruitment agency and let them negotiate a massive pay package for you, and don’t forget your share options.

Robin Garms

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