ShopSmart appoints Clinic

Clinic has been appointed by ShopSmart, the independent on-line shopping portal, to strengthen the brand and maintain its current position in the market in the face of increased competition.

The London design group was initially appointed by ShopSmart in October to develop a new corporate identity.

It has since been retained by the Internet company, in an expanded role, to generate and coordinate a promotional campaign encompassing press, on-line banners, television and radio.

The project is based around the ethos that ShopSmart is a “place that does not sell anything”.

The portal is keen to emphasise its independence when reviewing and rating retailers, providing comprehensive information for consumers, and judging service standards.

ShopSmart managing director Steve Chippington says: “We are very happy with our relationship with Clinic. The quality of work has been excellent and we have had lots of positive feedback from the industry.

“The market has moved on quite significantly over the past few months and Clinic’s energy and enthusiasm has helped enable us to anticipate the needs of consumers.”

Clinic creative director Ken Ansell says of the project, “The work is focused on branding at the moment, but in order to get the best out of what we are doing, it would make sense to develop parts of that into the website. It’s a logical extension.”

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