WPP invests in email loyalty

WPP Group has broadened its interests by investing in email-based loyalty programs, sports marketing and digital technology.

Wpp.com – the company which co-ordinates the group’s digital media activities – has acquired a $5m (£3m), 20 per cent stake in loyalty scheme operator e-Rewards, Inc.

Its second purchase is a minority interest in TWI Interactive, the new media and technology arm of sports marketing company International Management Group. TWI Interactive is active in the production of sports websites.

The final investment is in German new media group Concept. Ogilvy Interactive, a WPP company, is injecting its business in Germany and DM15m (£4.5m) cash into the consultancy, to create Germany’s third largest digital media group.

Ogilvy will own approximately 20 per cent of Concept.

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