Design House has created branding for the Ladbrokes snooker tournament. Which sporting event would you rebrand and why?

The stage seemed set for the rise and rise of women’s football, when ’Bend It Like Beckham’ hit the big screen in 2002. A 15 fold increase in players in 20 years, England qualifying for three World Cups and playing in the final of The European Championships in 2009 seems to have done little for ’women’s football’. It’s time to see the game become more beautiful. ’Go England’ in Germany 2011 – perhaps Smithy can write another song.
Graham Dodridge,
Creative director, Silver Worldwide

Instinctively, it would be the World Cup, but that would mean getting involved with Fifa and, as everyone knows, good clients make for good design so that does not bode well. Momentum is building for the reintroduction of the Home Nations Football Tournament after a 26-year absence. A dream design job, packed full of history, rivalry, local relevance and less reliant on ’Global’ iconography that too often means globes. Plus, it’s a tournament England might actually win.
Steven Lucker, Partner, Social

I’d love the chance to rebrand the World Bikini Bullriding Contest in Las Vegas. Not only are the stakes high, but competitors come from all over the world and I just didn’t feel the branding did it justice. Bikini Bullriding is one of the fasting growing sports in the US and is getter bigger in Europe. The chance to take the bull by the horns would be great as you get to meet some interesting people along the way.
Karl Hudson, Creative director, The Forest

The 2012 Olympics brand is one that cries out for TLC. On the one hand, its greatest success was that it united so many people to react and is highly recognisable. What saddens me is that it cruelly reflects the politics of 2007 rather than the aspirations of a nation for 2012. We deserved an ID that inspired the sporting hero in us all and spoke of ’We few, we happy few’. Is there time to change it?
Michael C Hughes, Managing Director, Wild Dog Design

As a studio of pedal pushers, we’d love to give the Track Cycling World Cup a visual refresh. It’s fair to say that many cyclists are design-savvy, appreciating everything from the graphic design surrounding the sport to the aesthetics, technology, and build of the bike itself. With the British team raising the sport’s profile through their world-beating efforts, unveiling a new championship identity in Manchester could be the icing on the cake.
Barrie Bloor,

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