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Mary Lewis presided over the judging session that yielded these five graphics contenders for the 1996 BBC Design Awards. Now it’s the turn of the public who caught the screening on BBC2 last night to vote for the official winner.

We’re keen to see how the designers’ selection compares with that, and invite you again to pick your first choice and let us know about it by 24 June, including any comments. If you think there’s a project that’s been overlooked here, let us know about it.

This is the last showing of design hopefuls on the Beeb, following its trawl for votes for product design and architecture/ environments winners. Its final programme on the winners will be broadcast on BBC2 at 7.30pm on Monday 8 July.

Our final showing will be published on 12 July, and will compare the public choice with that of our readers. If you haven’t yet submitted your votes for any of the three categories in the Design Week poll, do so now. All the contenders are listed below.

Convey your winners to Amanda Lake. Tel: 0171-439 4222 or fax 0171-734 1770 by 24 June. Or you can send E-mail to Brief comments are welcome – as are nominations of projects completed over the past 12 months but not included in the BBC trawl.

1 Flexible food wrap

Designed by Josh Riley and Sheau Fong Chan, Pethick & Money

These fast-food containers are made of coated card and folded paper and aim to cut down waste. The designers claim a 40 per cent saving in material weight over current “clamshell” packs.

2 Identity for the Association for the Prevention of Addiction

Designed by Duncan Moore, Green Moore Lowenhoff

A hard-hitting identity for a charity combatting a hard-hitting problem, the concept by Duncan Moore has been rolled out across pamphlets and posters.

3 Cream Live CD covers

Designed by Rob Petrie, Dolphin

Liverpool’s Cream nightclub chain commissioned this double CD set featuring DJ mixes of contemporary dance music. The compilation in its colourful, contoured vinyl covers was a sell-out with clubbers.

4 The Disney Channel on-screen ident

Designed by Brian Eley and Jason Keeley, Lambie-Nairn

An outline of Disney’s most famous rodent was embellished using traditional and computer animation techniques for the company’s own TV channel.

5 South Eastern Railway posters

Designed by Michael Johnson and Harriet Devoy, Johnson Banks

Railway company South Eastern commissioned 15 posters to give basic service information using Helvetica. Johnson Banks’ witty response used computer-generated illustrations.

Product Design (DW 7 June)

Attila Beverage can-crusher by Studio Brown

Freeplay Clockwork Radio, invented by Trevor Baylis and designed by TKO Product Design

Creative Effects instant camera by Priestman Goode

Eurostar train nose by Jones Garrard

Mekong wheelchair by Simon Gue and Ian Harris, Motivation

Architecture/environments (DW 14 June)

Channel 4 HQ, London, by Richard Rogers Partnership

Techniquest Science Discovery Centre, Cardiff Bay, by Ahrends Burton & Koralek and Techniquest

Entrance foyer, Broadfield House, Dudley, by Design Antenna and Dewhurst Macfarlane

Citizens Advice Bureau, Chessington by Bramante Architects

Watersports Centre, Liverpool by David Marks, Julia Barfield

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