20 March 1997


Artist George Grosz’s ability to capture the acrid whiff of 1920s Berlin is being celebrated with an exhibition at London’s Royal Academy which opens today. Publicity material for the show

Reasons to be fearful

The Marie Celeste of academia or an oversubscribed, pick-and-mix jumble of courses? Design education is seen as both – and it doesn’t bode well for the future, says Jeremy Myerson

Working on the railroads

Weston Williamson is undertaking a feasibility study for London Underground’s Northern Line project team on ten of its stations. Consultancy director Chris Williamson hopes that the results of the study,

Brown Inc to set up in Paris

One of the UK’s fastest growing branding design groups is expanding into Paris to service its eastern and southern European clients. Brown Inc also has longer term plans for the

Optimistic Top 100 survey

The Top 100 design consultancies saw design fee income rise by 19 per cent during 1996. Projections are for a further 17 per cent growth by the end of 1997.


Pyott Design’s Martin Bacon, Marc Ward and James Pyott have designed the new British Airways duty-free goods catalogue. Photographers Tim Evan Cook, Joseph Hunwick and Paul Massey helped add ‘imagination

Agenda pulls a pub change

Agenda Design is to create a “gentle evolution” of formats for the Slug and Lettuce chain of pubs following changes at parent company Grosvenor Inns. Grosvenor has announced that it

Boarders take the piste

Janice Kirkpatrick sussed out the Scottish skiing set and was surprised to find that stereotypes of snowboarders being cool while skiers are naff, were all true

Lopex profit in action

Design in Action’s parent group Lopex has reported pre-tax profits of 3.4m for 1996, up 51 per cent on 1995. Chief executive Peter Thomas says Lopex has reserves of 4m,

Continental drift

Alan Morris and Neil Poulton are two of the UK’s most successful design exports to mainland Europe. One can’t get enough of it, the other is becoming increasingly wary. Lynda

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