DFS designers are as legitimate as any creative

This week I have seen two articles – Letters DW 13 October and one in The Observer – in which the writers complained about DFS using the word ‘designer’ in front of its sofas, because it undervalues our profession.

I can’t stomach that sort of self-indulgent, self-important tosh. Just because DFS didn’t have a stand at 100% Design does not mean that its designers should be scoffed at.

I’m no great fan of DFS sofas, but clearly a great many people are.

If the designs are popular then the DFS approach to design should be applauded rather than dismissed.

I was also amazed that the design commentator in the Observer could be so snobbish regarding the sofa designers because she’d ‘never heard of them’. What’s wrong with upping the profile of a mostly anonymous profession?

If the man in the street isn’t reminded that everyday objects need designing then they might forget what an important job us designers do.

Guy Douglass, Client services director, FLB, Cheltenham GL50 3AW

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