21 January 1999


Radius Design Consultants has designed the first environmental report for UK Offshore Operators Association, the representative body for oil and gas companies in UK waters. Kitchen standby Oxo Gravy Granules has a new look courtesy of Design Bridge. The brand has been repackaged to compete with its mainstream competitors, with pack sizes reduced from 200g […]

Be ‘positive and grown up’ about DBA

Your anonymous and out-of-touch letter writer, (Letters, DW 15 January) should know that the Design Business Association is not moribund, has its best ever range of services and events for 1999, has grown in membership in each of the past three years and has a clear focus to promote the interests of design businesses. No […]

The appliance of science

When Tim Molloy landed the top design job at London’s Science Museum he had no idea he would end up in charge of one of the most important projects in its 142-year history. The 45m Wellcome Wing, due to open in summer 2000, was not even a twinkle in the museum’s eye when Molloy became […]

future dates

The first in a series of four debates organised by the Design Business Association, Future 1, focuses on the implication of future trends on the design industry. The panel includes BT’s futurologist Ian Pearson and is chaired by Lynda Relph-Knight. The debate has been rescheduled for 2 February at 6.30pm. Contact: Stephanie Smith at the […]

Tayburn ignites Stakis flame

Stakis is rolling out a new identity and branding strategy by Tayburn across its leisure chain of hotels, health clubs and casinos. Research had found that the previous Stakis identity was at odds with customer perceptions of the brand as warm and friendly. Tayburn’s new design, launched on Stakis’s annual report and on TV ads […]

BBC appoints C&FD for ‘modern’ report

The BBC has appointed C&FD to create its annual report for the next three years, after a paid pitch against Sea, Four IV and Addison. The broadcaster has briefed C&FD to create a report which is high quality, bold, modern, authoritative and emphasises the ways in which the BBC enriches peoples lives. “It is a […]

When the medium is the message

Remember when everyone was really excited about the possibilities of dedicated on-line publishing? Overlooking problems like the fact that large images equal slow download time, the benefits were obvious – no paper, printing or distribution costs. The profits were less so: if you couldn’t charge for your product and couldn’t adequately profile your readership to […]


The British Journal of Photography’s National Photographic Student Day, VVision 99, tales [;ace pm 29 January. The event provides students with career information and a chance to meet art buyers, picture editors and agents. Contact:The 24 hour registration hotline on 0171-306 7082 or email vision99@email.com

Five in telecoms pitch

Telecommunications company NTL Group is holding a five-way paid pitch for a consultancy to develop its communications strategy. Landor Associates, Browns, Basten Greenhill Andrews, Luxon Carra and Lambie-Nairn@The Brand Union are all shortlisted for the project. This will include a strategic review of the client’s brand and a new corporate identity.

Government faces design overhaul…

The Design Council has kicked off a major new initiative to improve the Government’s design management in all aspects of its operation. Design management consultant Jane Priestman will act as overall co-ordinator to the project. The project will initially examine design management in four government departments, addressing each in terms of working environment, communication and […]

… as DCMS ‘slowly’ unveils new identity

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport will unveil its new identity gradually, after advice from its design group which fears a repeat of the bad publicity given to initial concepts (DW 30 October 1998). The initial designs, by CDT Design, became a source of media condemnation after they were displayed in the DCMS building. […]

INS takes on Saatchi head

Interbrand Newell and Sorrell has appointed Saatchi & Saatchi Design managing director Sally Pasfield to head up its 21-strong Amsterdam office.

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