Box dazzles Nesta award judges with SmartSlab

A multimedia display system that can transform any building surface into a huge art and design canvas has won a a £40 000 Invention and Innovation award from the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts.

The system has been developed by Box Consultants at a cost of £77 000.

Box is hoping to complete prototyping work and discussions with likely manufacturers by September, says Box technology director Richard Harrison. No firm launch date has been set.

The innovation consultancy has already created the first working prototype of the system, called SmartSlab, and is now developing its control software.

“SmartSlab is a structural display surface. It incorporates discreet LEDs that are combined in a unique way with an aluminium honeycomb panel. The panel is load-bearing so it becomes part of the fabric of the building,” Harrison says.

SmartSlab will be pitched at high-end architectural practices, commercial and public buildings, adds Harrison.

The Box Consultants prize is one of the awards that will be presented at Nesta’s ceremony on 3 July at London’s The Circus Space.

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