Graphics list circulated to rail design buyers

A line-up of approved graphic design groups is about to be created for circulation to all UK rail industry design buyers.

The qualified vendor’s list is a quarterly bulletin compiled by Link Up, the rail supplier qualification company, and is sent to all privatised and British Rail organisations. It allows buyers to select services for certain projects without having to advertise.

A list of graphic design consultancies with approved status will be established once Link Up has appointed a design buyer to set the “pass mark” potential suppliers must attain.

Link Up already publishes a line-up of groups with design, marketing and publishing skills which includes Flying Squad Design.

“This award gives the hundreds of companies which now make up the UK’s rail industry immediate confidence in Flying Squad,” says consultancy director David Hattersley.

The detailed qualification process took about six months and was based on company credentials, says Hattersley.

Flying Squad Design’s work on a new corporate identity for Prism Rail, a holding company, has been completed and is awaiting client approval.

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