DW gets a roasting from an academic authority

As an ageing typographer, I agree wholeheartedly with Howard Milton (Letters, DW 31 October) that most designers cannot spell, nor are they capable of making even the simplest correct grammatical decisions about word structure.

To a large extent the relevance of Jack Dhanda’s assertions, (Letters, DW 14 November) will remain largely ignored by the majority of designers and this includes the originator’s [sic] of Design Week.

If anyone wishes to see blatant examples of indiscriminate hyphenation (the computer knows best) then Design Week provides many shining examples. Proper nouns and words of single syllable are all fair game.

Come on Design Week, your content is good, but your typographic standards are woefully inadequate.

Bill Barr

Deputy principal

University of Dundee

Dundee DD1 4HN


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