“One of the highlights of my year” – what’s it like to win a Design Week Award?

We talk to previous Design Week Awards winners to find out what their win means to them.

It’s time to get your entries ready for the 2016 Design Week Awards, with the 9 March deadline fast approaching.

Entries are open across all categories, covering graphics and branding, interior, digital and product design – and much more.

As this year’s judging panel prepares to look through the entries and select the top projects, we’ve asked previous winners to tell us what taking home a Design Week Award meant to them.


“We took a big risk on the rebrand work we did on ITV by tackling it all in-house, with a tight deadline and ambitious deliverables. Despite this the whole team put their heart and soul into it so receiving such a great award was a rich reward for us all and made it all worthwhile.

We have two design week awards in our cabinet. Clients like that!”

ITV executive creative director, Tony Pipes, winner of the 2014 TV, Film and Video Graphics category and 2014 Brand of the Year


“Winning a Design Week Award was absolutely fantastic – it invigorated the whole agency and it was a brilliant achievement to share with our client.

Generally, this has provided a great piece of content for us to share both internally and externally. It’s inspiring for both clients and talent.”

Amy Maw of JKR, winner of the 2014 Packaging Design Award for the Penhaligon’s Christmas Gift Collection


“Winning the Design Week Award for Writing for Design has been one of the highlights of my year – which probably says more about my so-called life than I’d care to admit.

Like many creatives I’m rather insecure and praise-driven, so It’s a real pleasure to have my work singled out by a jury of such accomplished practitioners. I suppose it’s confirmation I must be doing something right, and in our topsy-turvy world that’s good to know.

My winning piece was an A5 booklet, so I’ve been busy mailing it to all and sundry as well as splashing it around the tumblrshpere. Reactions are gratifyingly positive all round.

It’s always hard to quantify the hard benefit of winning awards, but in this case it’s definitely opened doors, started conversations and lead to some interesting opportunities. In other words, exactly what I hoped it would do.

Would I enter again? Just you try stopping me.”

Roger Horberry, winner of the 2014 Writing for Design Award for Cross Words

Entries are now open for the 2016 Design Week Awards, with a deadline of 9 March.

This year’s judging panel features Habitat creative director Polly Dickens, Construct founder Georgia Fendley and interior designer Afroditi Krassa.

Find out more about the Design Week Awards and start your entry at awards.designweek.co.uk.

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