Bristol Media launches creative mentoring service

Creative network Bristol Media has launched a mentoring system, whereby leading creative entrepreneurs will be able to offer tailored advice both online and face-to-face.

The Bristol Media Mentors initiative will allow Bristol Media members to access business support through a new website.

In addition, Bristol Media will also be running face-to-face mentoring and roundtable sessions to talk about specific business challenges.

The mentoring service covers creative industries including digital, design and animation. The panel of mentors includes Stuart Avery, managing director of digital consultancy E3; Caroline Hagen, co-founder of consultancy Reach; Felicity Kelly, managing director of Duttons Design; and Roger Proctor, co-founder of Proctor & Stevenson and chairman of the South West Design Forum.

Mike Bennett, chief executive of Bristol Media, says, ’We asked our members for feedback and mentoring came out as the number one thing that they wanted. We want to be able to sit down long-term with people and help them take their businesses forward and to the next level.’

The Design Business Association is also understood to be poised to launch a mentoring scheme for consultancy owners at all levels of experience.

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