22 April 2010

Route masters

Designers like a bit of map. City transport maps, especially, are the ultimate in graphic communication, presenting information used every day by legions of travellers. Transport maps become so familiar

Seamless flow

Wayfinding is becoming an ever more central part of new infrastructure, and it is at its most crucial in the realm of transport. So how do you design signs that

Jón Björnsson

Birch, fish and lava

Volcanic ash notwithstanding, Iceland’s financial crisis has paradoxically come as a bit of a blessing for its creative industries, making people more willing to take risks and put design ideas

Nicholas Rawling

Profile: Paper Cinema

Paper Cinema’s evocative performances work magic with film projections of puppets stuck on cereal boxes, all set to shadowy lighting and live music. Yolanda Zappaterra speaks to illustrator Nicholas Rawling


Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage at Goodwood festival takes inspiration from the 1940s to today. Which period inspires you, and why?

Best of the Web

  www.core77.com/blog/featured_items/design_thinkingeverywhere_and_nowhere_reflections_on_the_big_re-think__16277.asp Last month, The Economist teamed up with the Design Council to produce the The Big Rethink: Redesigning Business Summit in London. Core 77 asked Kevin McCullagh for his

Yesteryear’s ads

Somehow, defying the elements and the passage of time, a few fading wall signs of long-gone eras are still with us. David Bernstein ponders the paradoxes they present

Perfect Day

Party poopers

The election manifestos of the main political parties contain scant pickings for design, and commentators are also concerned about the collective failure to address the gaping hole in public finances.

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