Keep Britain Tidy has named McDonald’s, Greggs, KFC and Subway as some of the brands that together make up about a quarter of our litter, despite on-pack graphics and messaging. What can design do to alleviate the problem?


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Design can play two key roles here. First, advising on how to strip packaging down to a minimum (and make it recyclable or biodegradable), and second, making sure that the ‘anti-litter’ message is visible and compelling (it’s often best integrated in a wider campaign). There could also be opportunities for design to make street bins have more of an impact, and even be more fun to use. Is it really design’s role on its own to champion these companies to change, though?
Barry Seal, Managing director UK, Anthem Worldwide


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No amount of icons or ‘Keep Britain Tidy’-messages can stem the waste from fast-food packs. We need to reduce the amount of packaging – there must be a better solution than a burger in a box? Structural design can help combat this problem. In Thailand, freshly cooked food is sometimes wrapped in palm leaves. Can we create a more natural form of packaging, or even edible wrappers? It could double up as desert! If we can’t stop people from littering, let’s minimise the waste.
Steve Irvine, Creative director, LFH

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