London consultancy Ryan Art used this illustration by artist Peter Howson for the Beautiful South’s latest album because the band’s bass player saw the image in an art gallery in Hull and was instantly smitten by it. ‘He really liked it and that was it,’ says Ryan Art founder Simon Ryan. Beautiful South bassist Sean Welch takes an active interest in all the band’s record covers and worked with Ryan Art on the singles as well as the new album. The new album, entitled Quench, went on-shelf ten days ago.

Boots the Chemists’ Christmas catalogue is by in-house designers Tracy Moult and Rupert Calladine, with art direction by brand development advisor Pete Ramskill. The frost and ice theme aims to reflect Michael Nash’s in-store decorations. Photographer David Parfitt was commissioned to present brands, such as Kyusu and 17, in the best festive light.

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