Loyalty is on the cards

A second generation of that Nineties phenomenon the customer loyalty card is just around the corner. While existing cards only have the capacity to store basic information on the number of points a customer has collected, the new chip will house processing technology, allowing individual card holders to be targeted and rewarded.

Mondex International is aiming the new smart card product, Interactive Loyalty, at companies hoping to boost profitability through stronger relationships with existing and potential customers.

By signing up to the new technology, companies such as Boots will also be able to run joint loyalty programmes.

The identity, designed by Fonda, is intended to reflect the flexibility and innovative nature of the product. The consultancy also designed Interactive Loyalty’s marketing literature with images sourced from Photonica. ‘A lot of the competition uses the usual pictures of a woman in a supermarket using her card,’ says Fonda designer Scott Rozier. ‘We have used pictures in a more abstract way.’

Interactive Loyalty launches on 28 October.

Design: Fonda

Client: Mondex International

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